Buying speedy new wheels? Not so fast.

So you’re keen to get some carbon race wheels? OK, you’re fairly sure they’re what you want, anyway.

But £1,300 plus is definitely a lot of money if you’re only fairly sure. You could buy an entire bike for that.

So we’d recommend renting our wheels, instead. Whatever type of racing or training you’re planning to do, you can hire our Reynolds or ZIPP premium performance carbon fiber wheels.

We have rim or disc brake wheels with a range of depths and configurations.

Put the wheels on your own bike and ride your favourite roads or trails, then If you decide you like the wheels so much you want to keep them, we can sell you a pair. We'll even subtract your rental fee from the price of a new set.

Remember, there is no obligation to buy, you can rent as often as you like.

What we offer

We rent premium performance carbon fiber wheels for Triathlon, Road, Cyclocross and Sportives.

Each Rental includes:

  • Wheels - You chose from our Rental fleet of disc or rim brake wheels.
  • Tyres - Tubs or Tubeless clinchers
  • Disc Rotors - if you rent disc wheels
  • Carbon brake pads - if you rent rim brake wheels
  • Axles or QR's as appropriate
  • Wheel bags

We chose Reynolds & ZIPP premium carbon fiber wheels for our rental fleet because of their pedigrees.
They know their stuff and their distributors in the UK offer us great backup.




Reynolds Road wheels are available for Disc and Rim brakes, they come with Tubeless tyres and are available in a range of depths and sizes to suit the type of ride or race you are doing.


All Reynolds Assault CX wheel rentals include: Challenge Tubular tyres, Cassette Swop, Rotor Swop and gear adjustment, Installation / Swap of Carbon specific brake pads.