What’s Pink, Wrinkly, Sticky and Smells god awful?

It’s not what you think!

It’s Carogna tub adhesive tape by Effetto Mariposa, named after the smell of rotting corpses -nice-, it’s the newest and most robust tub tape for CX yet.

I’ve used it several times on customers wheels this year and it has never failed, ever.

The benefits over traditional glue and taping methods are numerous but the best bit for you as customers is that it’s cheaper by 50% and it only takes 24 hours from me getting your rims prepped and tubs stuck on until you can race. Compare that with the costs, hassles and time frame of traditional methods and it’s a winner.

Rim & Tub prep is still super important and I would recommend getting it done by your LBS – The Happy Cog preferably – Carogna is the best non Traditional – read, messy, smelly, time consuming method – yet.

We charge £17:50 a wheel for a new tub and rim combo and £22:50 for used kit in good condition. This includes all the prep and a shot of sealant too.

Carogna tub adhesive tape by Effetto Mariposa; as used by Podium topping SCX riders.