Light Bicycle carbon rims

lb-logo In the constant quest to [horid business wank words alert...] 'stay ahead of the curve', I have to look at where the market is going and lets be honest decide what will open peoples wallets. This means looking at materials, tolerance, performance, price, margins, shipping, production support, communications, opinions and importantly aesthetic. Sometimes the hardest part is filtering the noise from the considered opinion, sometimes I need a bit of help.

Earlier this year Sam 'Daddy the swear box is full again' Morris over in France at the most awesome Bike Village found out I was building wheels, and like a shot ordered a set from me. He's good like that. Sam's preference was for Carbon Hookless 35mm wide all mountain rims, similar to the ones he had been battering up and down the valleys in Bourg St Mauric last season, I have to be honest and tell you that I've had my head buried in Cyclo Cross and Road wheels for quite a while and I hadn't given the MTB side of things much thought, so, when Sam who makes his living from riding mountain bikes and entertaining mountain bike riders recommends something I should jolly well listen.

Long story short, Sam liked and recommended Light Bicycle, I had a brief conversation with 'Vivian' in Taiwan and the deal was done; polite, helpful, courteous, [not Sam he's too sweary], great technical know how, accommodating and able to produce rims with great tolerance and consistency it was a no brainer.

What am I trying to say here? That I sell and recommend Light Bicycle carbon rims.

  • I'm not a special customer.
  • I don't re-brand them.
  • I don't pretend they are something I've 'worked out with a manufacturer' using my own special secret sauce, when we all know they are from an open mold and available to anyone.
  • I know they have been tested extensively.

These rims are the same rims you could go and buy from 'Vivian' or her colleagues anytime and they are awesome.

I have built and I'm building Road, Cross and MTB rims in all shapes and sizes; U profile, hookless, tubs, from Light Bicycle and they have all been spot on. And if they weren't I know that 'Vivian' would fall over backward to help sort it out, as her and her colleagues would for anyone.

Light Bicycle: Their logo may be awful, but their rims aren't.

MTB Hookless Rims start at £225 ea and are available in 35, 38 and soon 40mm widths. U Section Rims start at £205 ea and are available in 35, 45 and soon 55mm section and are 25mm wide externally.

Stock arriving end of March - I've sold out once this year already YAY !