Time Out

It's a busy summer here at The Happy Cog and because of that I am unable to accept any new work until August. I'll still be answering emails, phone calls and messages and there will be someone about at the workshop but the doors will be closed to the public.

When the doors re-open it will be full on CycloCross season preparation time: tub glueing, custom builds, 1 x 10 conversions and wheels galore. So get in early if you want stuff done. Email now at workshop@thehappycog.co.uk to join the queue.

Enjoy your summer hols, get riding and keep the rubber down.

PS you can track my TCR progress over at http://trackleaders.com/transconrace15 when it's live.

Wrapping Up

That's it, we're closing the door for Christmas. It's been a busy last few months and it wouldn't have happened without you, so a huge thanks to everyone that has been involved; all our lovely customers (and Addy ;) ), commentators ( Neebo, Simon, Doug etc. ), team mates (the VCM massive), James Orr the Mechanical Overlord, Chris at 2Pure, Rusty Sprout and loads of other people that have helped us get going this year. Cheers.

Enjoy the time off with your family and friends. Wrap up, go out for a ride and have a cracking Christmas.