The Happy Cog

The Happy Cog is a family owned and run independent bicycle business, located just off the A701 in sunny Bilston Midlothian.
We build wheels by hand, we service and repair bicycles of all shapes and sizes, we do custom bicycle builds, race prep and repairs, and we've not forgotten that sometimes all you need is a new tube or a bottle of chain lube.
Advice is always free and we are not adverse to a chat over a brew and a biscuit.

We want you to feel welcomed and confident in our abilities, if we fall short of this please come forward and let us know.

Our aim is to keep you rolling, enthused about cycling and to ocassionaly invite you out for a ride with the kids.

You won't find any attitude here.

The Workshop

The workshop is a lot of things — a place of knowledge and experience, a place where you can pick up a new magazine, warm up those little toes on a winter ride, fill your bottles, grab a tube or anything else you've run out of or forgotten, a place to share stories — but mainly a friendly place to visit where we think bicycles are fun.

Us? We?

The Happy Cog is pretty much me; Fraser Waters. A self confessed and untreatable bicycle addict, BUT none of this happens without my family; wife, kids, dog, grandparents... the whole mob get involved so don't be surprised if a 7 year old answers the phone or an old bloke in wellies and a pair of speedo's is cutting the hedges when you arrive (i'm not kidding). We hope our family will encourage your family to keep popping in to visit even if it is for just one of Nannies biscuits and a brew.



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